Weekly Wish List Recap

Wow, this week has just flown by. I can’t believe it is already Friday, but I am terrifically pleased about it. Since I’m sure you are all ready to get on with your holiday weekends, let’s fast forward to the wish list recap!

Cue flashback music.

On Monday, I wished…

…to stick to my food plan. I did a fantastic job with this! I think it helped that I put so much time and effort into the planning, I definitely wanted to follow through with the execution. Major props for Boyfriend for helping to put together a couple of the meals as well.

…to rock the interview I have scheduled this week, and hopefully hear one way or another about the other application I submitted. During this week I did a lot of thinking and, by the time the interview came around I wasn’t really interested in the job any more. As much as I want to get out of the position I am in now, my next job is going to be something I really want…and this just wasn’t it. I was pretty down, but I am trying to move on. I also spoke with the recruiter about the second open position and she said she would be in touch next week with more information for me. Keep on truckin’.

…that laundry fairies existed. Still a wish. I have not done an ounce of laundry. It’s on my schedule for tonight, though! That’s right… Laundry on a Friday night. I’m such a badass.


…to get fully prepared for my first week back in master’s classes. I’ve glanced through the syllabi and bought all of my books, but I have yet to start the readings for next week. I have a jump-start on this, but I still need to do some work this weekend before I am fully prepared. And I still need to pick out my first day of school outfit!

…to find one really fun thing to do this weekend. Today I picked up my football tickets for the game tomorrow. The seats are amazeballs and I got really super excited to go. My bestest friend is going with me and I’ve been texting her all day about it. Lots of exclamation points. This is totally my fun thing for this weekend and I realized I don’t need anything else!



I hope everyone has a fantastic Labor Day weekend!




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