Weekly Wish List

Time again to share my hopes and dreams with you, the interwebs…

I wish…

…to stick to my food plan. Last week I made a massive food plan including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for each day of the week. My goal is to not spend any money on food this week. New recipes include honey lime enchiladas, pesto chicken salad, slow cooker ziti, and cucumber herb yogurt dip.

…to rock the interview I have scheduled this week, and hopefully hear one way or another about the other application I submitted. Time to do some serious research on the office I am interviewing with…

…that laundry fairies existed. This is truly a wish. But, because they don’t, I am going to need to get my ass in gear and do some laundry. No laundry (outside of puppy potty rags) has occurred at our house in two weeks.

…to get fully prepared for my first week back in master’s classes. Classes start next Tuesday, so I should probably start getting back into the mindset of a student. Thinking a weekend of college football games should do just that.

…to find one really fun thing to do this weekend. Besides football, I don’t have any plans this weekend. Due to Boyfriend’s work schedule, we can’t go away this weekend and I will most likely need to find things to do on my own, since he will be working. Le sigh. I do have some prospects on the horizon, so I’m hoping this won’t be too difficult to conquer.

So that’s that for this week! What are you hoping for in the next 7 days?



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