Recipe: Simple Hummus

Hummus? More like YUM-mus!

Yep, it’s going to be one of those posts.

Hummus has always been on my to-do list when it comes to recipes, but something always stopped me. More specifically, a certain ingredient always stopped me.

Seriously, who just has tahini (aka sesame seed paste) in their cupboards? What is it used for besides hummus?

Answer: nothing.

Ok, maybe some things, but nothing comes to mind, and nothing in a .05 nanosecond glance at google is telling me any different.

But I finally broke down and spent the $7 on a jar of tahini. After spilling about an eighth of it all over the counter (winning), I managed to stir it enough to measure out tablespoons that were well-mixed enough to be accurate. This is important.

I do not own a food processor. Well, I do have one, but it is one of those tiny $10 Bed Bath and Beyond clearance specials that holds approximately a cup and a half. So I used my blender. It actually turned out ok, but I imagine the final product would be a lot smoother if you have a full-sized food processor. During the Small Kitchen Appliance Shopping Extravaganza of 2010, a food processor was just not one of the things that made the cut (hint hint, FAMILY LOOKING FOR CHRISTMAS IDEAS).

I used Annie’s recipe for hummus. I was going to use the Cheeky Kitchen version, but Boyfriend and I used up all of the maple syrup on this pancake kick we have been on lately. And that s**t’s expensive, too. And it was probably better I used a simple recipe for my first attempt. And could I start any more sentences with ‘and’?

And could these pictures be any crappier? Hummus smeared up the side of the bowl, no natural light, shadows aplenty… I’m sorry. This is what happens when I try to cook after work.

So you should totally try to make hummus for the first time too. But use a food processor if you got one last Christmas. And experiment with different herbs and toppings, that’s fun, too. And try to start a lot of sentences with ‘and’ and not sound like a crazy person who can’t keep their brain on a singular track.

Seacrest out.


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