Weekly Wish List Recap

It’s finally Friday. I am especially grateful that the weekend is upon us after this frustrating, good-mood-bulldozing week.

I’m also very excited to post my first Weekly Wish List Recap. I definitely thought about these wishes all week long and did my best to have positive results to report back today.

So, if you will recall, I wished…

…to get through this week without cleaning up any puppy accidents.

Fail. This totally didn’t happen. Still not ready to check #13 off of the 30-by-30 list

…to hear back on the jobs that I applied to last week.

Happy to report that I was invited to go in for an interview! And because I have met with the talent manager before, she told me I have been fast tracked to the second round of interviews! While this may not be my dream job, it definitely is a step in the right direction.

I also found out that I was accepted to blog on my school’s website this upcoming semester. This is big news because I worked really hard to produce quality content for the application, and it feels so good to have my writing recognized.

…to detox from this weekend.

I think I did a pretty good job of this. I did a lot of grazing for dinner – kebob chicken, cheese, crackers, that type of thing. But more importantly, I stayed away from greasy convenience foods and didn’t give in when my mood told me to eat comfort food. I also agreed to start exercising with my neighbor… Let’s hope that pans out — Lord knows I need the motivation.

…to try at least one new recipe.

Yes! I made hummus! It was also part of the grazing feast that occurred this week.

…to go to bed early at least 2 nights this week.

My intentions were so good with this one… I was ready for bed by 10, sometimes 9, but never made it to sleep before 11. The evenings are just too short and my DVR is just too tempting.


Above all, this exercise made me accountable for doing the things I wished for. I hope to continue with a new list of wishes next week. Until then, I’ll be enjoying my weekend. What are your plans for the next couple days?



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