Weekly Wish List

Ever since I stopped writing a food-specific blog and started writing a “lifestyle” blog (that still sounds strange to me, as I don’t consider myself to be living any certain type of “lifestyle”…), all of the entries I have posted have been recipes. I think it’s time to get a little personal.

I’d really like to begin to document my goals for the week. Even if they are not things I have any control over, I want to put down, in writing, on display for the world, the things I am looking forward to, dreading, want to accomplish, etcetera. Shall we say 5 things? 5 things each week that I will tell you about on Sunday/Monday and update you on come Friday/Saturday. Is this interesting to anyone but me?

I’m calling this my Weekly Wish List. I don’t know why. Maybe because I have had Disney songs stuck in my head all day and you will be hard-pressed to find a Disney movie where someone doesn’t have a wish of some sort. And wishes sound better than wants. Even if everything on this list only pertains to me. It’s pretty selfish. Maybe next week’s wish list can include not being so self-absorbed.

Since I was taking a little vacation day on Monday, the first installment of this segment is coming on a Tuesday… Try not to get confused.

So here we go.

I wish…

…to get through this week without cleaning up any puppy accidents. We’re still working on 30-by-30 list item #13, but Brady is still having the occasional accident. This is a lofty goal, but I will try to be diligent in getting him out the door in time, for the sake of my wood floors.

…to hear back on the jobs that I applied to last week. The problem is the recruiting process here takes an abnormally long time. When I was hired in 3 years ago, it was almost a full 2 months from the time of application to my first day on the job. It’s been pretty frustrating not having a single interview, so I hope I get a call back for something soon.

…to detox from this weekend. I don’t think I ate a single healthy thing this weekend. It was very indulgent and now my pants don’t fit. I need to not be such a pig this week.

…to try at least one new recipe. When Boyfriend isn’t home, I default to pasta with herbs and olive oil. It’s a no brainer. But with all the crap I put in my body this weekend, I need to lay off the carbs. This wish will also force me to eat something besides frozen peas for dinner.

…to go to bed early at least 2 nights this week. I have a sneaking suspicion that the migraines that have been plaguing me lately have to do with the lack of sleep (and exercise, and a healthy diet…let’s just stick to sleep this week, mmkay?). So. Yes. Being asleep before 11:00. Bonus points for 10:45.

So, if you want to check on my progress, come back on Friday for an update. If you have any tips, words of encouragement or suggestions for making this segment better, please let me know.

What are some of your goals for this week?



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