Review: Red Brick Kitchen & Bar – Dexter, MI

According to my email provider, my account was hacked (good luck to those geniuses, the only thing they are going to find are recipes, mushy love notes from Boyfriend and a 15-email-long chain between my cousin and I discussing which of the 11 dessert recipes she wants me to bring to her Flag Day party next month). At any rate, the hack prompted me to change the passwords on all of my accounts, including the one to my blog, and when I signed in I thought, I should write a post about that one place, that one time…


Red Brick Kitchen & Bar – Dexter, MI

Please don’t be alarmed, Boyfriend hasn’t been at the whip, never allowing me to leave the kitchen. While I have been doing a lot of cooking, I have been doing a lot of eating out as well (somehow adventures in the kitchen are just more fun to write about, I guess). This review comes after trying a new place in Dexter due in large part to the Living Social certificate I purchased a while ago.

There’s nothing like being told it will be a 20 minute wait for a table on the patio and getting sat after 3 minutes. While I can’t guarantee this will happen to you, it certainly started us off on the right foot. It was a beautiful early evening and, after being cooped up inside of restaurants all winter, the patio was a very welcome change.

The appetizer we ordered, the brie plate, came with a surprise of smoked salmon in addition to the cheese, bread, grapes, and strawberries. Neither Boyfriend nor I like fish, but the salmon was smoked and did not taste fishy at all, so we ate it up.

One sure-fire way to ruin a perfectly decent restaurant experience is having the entrees come out before I’m done with the appetizer — perhaps this is my Italian side coming out. I get that people are always in a hurry these days. I understand that, if we really want a leisurely dinner we should hold off on ordering entrees. But still. We were barely halfway through the appetizer before the entrees came. It was sad.

Boyfriend got a grilled chicken sandwich with pesto and I tried their white pizza. Both were good, decent, but not incredible. The pizza wasn’t more than a cheese pizza with a pinch of basil and some extra garlic. The sandwich was similarly lackluster, with the focaccia overwhelming the rest of the ingredients.

I’ve given Red Brick Kitchen 3 pickles. The patio was very nice and the staff was friendly, however the food didn’t blow me away and they really need to work on their timing.



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