Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

I’m in the process of looking for a new job. Not a new career, just a step up from the entry-level position that I have grown out of over the last 3 years. It’s an amicable, wholly-supported search that I am completely open and honest about (which is kind of weird, the more I think about it) and my boss and my boss’s boss are encouraging and helpful. Unfortunately, everything at this place moves at a glacial pace, and I likely won’t find what I am looking for, for at least another couple months (for instance, a job that I was told about two weeks ago still isn’t posted on the job website, and thus I am unable to even apply).

One thing I already know I am going to miss about my current job is the students. Yes, I work at a university and there will always be students (if there weren’t we’d have some big problems), but I work in fundraising, which at this point is primarily geared toward alumni. And not talking about any one of the 40,000+ kids on this campus — I’m talking about the great group of students we have working for us here, that are already so passionate about fundraising, and are truly amazing kids. They are like the 16 little brothers and sisters I never had, and when they graduate and move on, I am always a little sad, but always so happy to hear they have acquired their first “big boy/girl” job.

A couple weeks ago the entire fundraising staff, nearly 300 people, gathered for a monthly meeting, during which we honored some of the top student fundraisers in my department. Not only did each student get recognized for raising over $100,000 (each!) for the school, they got a standing ovation from the community. It made my heart swell and brought tears to my eyes. Standing ovations are not used lightly around these parts, and are normally reserved for really important, exciting people (not that my students aren’t important and exciting, but I’m talking about, like, the football coach, who appeared the month before and the applause wasn’t even as loud…).

Anyway, besides the fact that I am a total emotional wreck most of the time, I also like to funnel these emotions into edible forms of appreciation. So the next day, I brought in cookie dough cupcakes for all of our students.

The cake is a light brown-sugar-flavored base, speckled with chocolate chips, with a brown-sugar frosting and a mini-chocolate chip cookie on top. A special surprise, egg-less cookie dough, is placed inside hollowed cupcakes before frosting.

I love making pretty deserts, and I get very distressed if a baking project doesn’t come out like I had planned in my head (some will remember the near-breakdown following the unsuccessful two-toned frosting incident the night before Opening Day). These ones turned out pretty good, but I can always count on my students to appreciatively oooh and ahhh over anything I bring in (plus, let’s face it – they’re college kids and they’d take free food if it was served on a scrap of old newspaper).

I didn’t make any changes to the recipe, so it isn’t posted on this page, but can be found over at Annie’s Eats. Maybe you have someone you are super proud of that you could make these for.



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