What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’?

I’m sorry. I knew this would happen. Trying to balance a full-time job, a part-time education and a blog… Guess which one got pushed to the backburner come finals time? I mean, after my social life, that is? (Although, who am I kidding, I haven’t had one of those since undergrad…)

But do not fear! Spring in upon us, and after this weekend, I will be back at my desk full time with nothing better to do than research recipes and type up amazing posts to entertain you – oh, and that pesky thing called a job. Will still need to pay the bills.

While the energy on a major college campus in the fall makes it, among other reasons, my favorite season, there is something about spring that is invigorating. Time to bust out those sun dresses and peep-toe wedges you forgot about. And that bag you’ve been saving all winter can finally make its public debut. Playoff hockey and baseball, at the same time? Yes please.

But only once finals are done. 4 more days. 

Amazingly, it was only recently that I gave in to the stress of the school/work combo and gave in to the ease of takeout and processed foods, not to mention my cravings for the comforts of French fries and ice cream. I still have managed to continue to cook and bake on a regular basis, I’ve mostly just done a terrible job of reporting back.


A minimum amount of fun has still managed to be had, including ample participation in the aforementioned baseball season, succumbing to the aforementioned ice cream cravings, and fun-in-the-sun with Loag-man. I also got to shoot a gun (!!) for the first time. Intense.


At any rate, I promise to be back very soon. Thanks for waiting it out with me!