Review: Cupcake Station – Plymouth, MI

I never really liked cupcakes as a kid. For birthdays and other special events, my family was all about the pie (I make an amazing banana cream, by the way). My special birthday treat request was always a Dairy Queen ice cream cake; don’t ask me why, I honestly can’t tell you what the allure was, because I think they are kind of gross now…is that even real ice cream?

But I digress.

Cupcakes are my new thing. Not just to eat, but to bake. And oogle. Is there anything more beautiful than the perfect swirl of frosting on a pleasantly plump cupcake top? With a fancy liner? And idyllically placed sprinkles? Am I the only one wiping the drool off of my chin?

Ok, getting down to it.

Outside of your standard epicuteness (you know, like tiny marzipan micro-food), I feel like very few foods are “cute”. Cupcakes? Are [almost] always cute. As far as food goes, cupcakes are the cutest (case in point). And seriously, can someone just go ahead and start marketing these?

Really? With the A.D.D. today?

Alright, for real this time.


Cupcake Station – Plymouth, MI

Cupcake Station has been around since 2006, and now has locations in Birmingham, Ann Arbor and Plymouth. Creating 25 different flavors of cupcakes a day, all made from scratch and using natural ingredients when possible, patrons can choose from regular-, mini-, or jumbo-sized cakes in a variety of gourmet flavors, including Boston Cream, Lemon Lust, Chocolate Alaskan Moose, and Coconut Bliss. They also have a featured cupcake flavor that changes each month (I personally cannot wait until March to try their If You Like Piña Coladas cupcake). Their Facebook page is also spectacular, with frequent posts of contests, special offers, and pictures of cupcakes that look so delicious I have to remind myself not to lick the screen.

I was lucky enough to stop in on a busy Sunday during the Plymouth Ice Festival last weekend. When we walked in, we were greeted by Tom Holleman, one of the partners of the business, along with an extremely helpful and patient cupcake specialist, Rob. I was very happy to see that, despite the masses swarming around outside, the cupcake trays were well-stocked and we had our choice of cakes. Rob recommended the featured flavor, a Snickers Cupcake, a dark chocolate cake topped with buttercream frosting, caramel and peanuts, dipped in dark chocolate. I also had to try the Station’s Samoa (I have Girl Scout cookie fever already), which was a vanilla bean cake filled and topped with buttercream frosting, sprinkled with toasted coconut, and drizzled with caramel and dark chocolate. Yes, you should be very jealous.

The Station also offers a small selection of hot drinks. Boyfriend purchased a Carmel Mocha Latte for only a dollar, and he said it was delicious, and a perfect hand warmer to enjoy the rest of the Ice Festival with.

Even though we were still stuffed from lunch, we broke into the cupcakes as soon as we got home. I have been mulling over how to describe the perfection of these treats ever since, as they were nearly indescribably amazing. My Station’s Samoa cake was light and gracefully flavored, more than just an average vanilla cupcake. The frosting was airy, and the coconut, caramel and chocolate toppings were the perfect accompaniment. The Snickers Cupcake was equally enjoyable, the cake being, again, very light, and a bite of cupcake and toppings tasted even better than its candy bar namesake.

Boyfriend and I were split on the flavors: he liked the chocolate of the Snickers and I swooned for the Samoa. We ate every last crumb and I have been craving seconds ever since.

I’m giving Cupcake Station a 4 ½ pickle rating, my highest yet. The only way this experience could have been better is if they were giving the cupcakes away for free. And that’s just bad business.


One thought on “Review: Cupcake Station – Plymouth, MI

  1. I feel like C.S. is really hit-and-miss. Doug brought me a cupcake from when they first opened and were, in fact, giving away free cupcakes (maybe it was BOGO…) and it was really good. But, then I went back another day that they were doing BOGO and was really disappointed. I got a Samoa and a Red Velvet, and the frostings were good, but the cake was pretty dry and heavy. I’ll have to do a tie-breaker. 🙂

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