Just Call Me Carrie Bradshaw

Sundays, for me, are bittersweet. I love the last lazy hours of the weekend. Boyfriend and I will stay in our pajamas, cook brunch together, and watch sports for the rest of the day. Today, unfortunatly, he had to go to work in the afternoon, but not before whipping up some delicious Mexican omelets for us.

The SATC girls made brunching famous. I personally love having a meal in the late morning that is hearty enough to get me through to dinner. When we have the whole day to spend together, Boyfriend and I love to plan a grand Sunday evening supper for about 6:00pm (early for us) and get to bed nice and early to start the week fresh.

There is nothing unique about this recipe, so I’m not going to post an ingredient list. What made this a “Mexican” omelet was simply the cilantro that Boyfriend found in the kitchen. Mixed with onion, breakfast potatoes and cheese, and topped with salsa and sour cream, this was the perfect start to what has turned out to be a very productive Sunday.


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